No Jet Left was founded in 2008 by songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Jordan Schmidt . For the past several years, the group has truly became a cohesive unit, featuring Jordan Myers on guitar, Mario Di Leva on bass, and Heather Cerlan on drums and sampler. The sound can mostly clearly be described as embracing the next generation of indie rock, due to the influence of the band members having grown up in the nineties, with an ear towards the future. It could also be described as neo-alternative. This is music designed to move you and make you move- it is simultaneously deep, heavy, fun, and highly dance-able.

With a rich discography and storied live history, including headlining the House of Blues Sunset Strip, The Troubadour, and opening for Coachella main stage act Gram Rabbit in Santa Cruz, CA, the band is slated to bring their best material to the people with their new release and subsequent shows for “Set Phase to Now.” Produced by Grammy-nominated producer Drew Kapner (Twenty One Pilots, Logic, Miley Cyrus) and mastered by the Grammy-nominated mastering engineer Mike Bozzi (Kendrick Lamar), this new EP keeps the experimentalism of the band’s earlier work, while refining their melodic approach to anthemic pop levels. From the melancholic funk of “Without Your Love,” to the apocalyptic fan favorite “Closure,” to the processed vocal symphony and lo-fi inspired drums of “Questions,” this is a five song journey into the meaning of love and inspiration in an increasingly difficult environment.

Current Members

Jordan Schmidt – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Sampler
Jordan Myers – Guitar, Vocals
Mario Di Leva – Bass, Vocals
Heather Cerlan – Drums, Sampler


Set Phase to Now

Coming soon!

Keep It Off the Ground (2013)
An extra long player at 13 songs, this album was the first album to be co-produced by the amazingly talented and legendary Drew Kapner. Simultaneously the cleanest, most polished release up to that point, and also the most experimental. Re-released in 2016 with additional live tracks from the Troubadour, including the previously unreleased neo-classical punk track “The Reaction.”

Whippersnapper (2010)
This album marks the first full length and the first release to feature a full, consistent band that played shows regularly throughout California. Steeped in driving indie rock, new wave and psychedelia, the album is a celebration of coming of age.

Now You’re All Fucked (2008)

The first EP, with much of the instruments performed by Schmidt. Notably features Zac Sokolow on lead guitar, who later went on to form The Americans. Although steeped in the heavy alternative and multi-layered sound the band later became known for, there was more of an acoustic guitar/folk presence on this early release.


« The seas may rise/we’re falling from the sky/but you and I remain »
– Closure, Set Phase To Now