No Jet Left was formed in 2008 by Jordan Schmidt (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Production/Programming) in Culver City, CA as a moniker by which he could bring his musical ideas to the world. Jordan had been writing songs since 2003 and needed a single name, a single idea to contain his ever-changing musical landscape. Since then, the music of No Jet Left is known for the seismic genre collision of indie, rock, lo-fi experimental, and vintage classic rock and hip-hop/rnb. The end result is equal parts melodic, catchy, (post)-punk inspired rock and arty, electronic-laced music.

His collaborators have changed for each album thus far, both in terms of band member personnel and recording engineers, partially due to changing schools and towns. In 2008 he released the first No Jet Left EP, entitled “Now You’re All Fucked.” The album caught the attention of his hometown, but also the Indie Rock scene of Northern California, starting from when he attended UC Santa Cruz 2008-2012. It was in Santa Cruz where No Jet Left recorded the follow-up to the “Fucked” EP, the album “Whippersnapper,” (2011) which allowed the band to play shows all over California, and open for more established alternative acts like Gram Rabbit. These first two albums are more indie/punk-centric than they’re current sound that brings more unconventional instruments into the arrangements as the norm.

On April 19th, 2013, No Jet Left released “Keep it Off the Ground.” The journey of the album’s creation is one of 8 months in Jordan’s bedroom studio toward 15 days at the million-dollar professional studio Angelhouse, where the band engaged in heavy post-production with legendary boardsmith Drew Kapner (MSTRKFT, Snoop Dogg). The record’s sound is “multi-fi,” meaning that some aspects of a track are very hi-fi and others very deliberately lo-fi, in many ways a callback to their first EP. However, the record is a clear step forward for the band and an enticing vision of things to come. And most importantly, as always, it sounds like No Jet Left.

No Jet Left is:

Jordan Schmidt - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Production/Sampling
Jordan Myers - Guitar, Vocals

Chris McGovern - Bass, Vocals

Past members:

Ian Thornburgh (Drums), Drew Dominguez (Drums, featured on Whippersnapper), George Hauty (Bass, featured on Whippersnapper), Thomas Osborne (Bass), Tucker Morrison (Drums), Azuri Moon (Guitar, Vocals, featured on Keep it Off The Ground), Kasey Cohn (Bass, Keep it Off the Ground), Danny Beallo (Drums, Percussion, Keep It Off the Ground)