Keep it Off the Ground


Automatic overdrive

I feel it all the time

Try to break my day

I don’t feel it after dark

We can capsize here to tonight

We can capsize into the night


Give me the purest of truths

I might listen right now

Rip it up, live it up

Why make things sooo hard?

Why can’t we just leave it all behind?

Nothing you can say will stay at the front of my mind

(Unless you’re mine)


Sunshine silloette

The moon is burning down

Castles crashing

And breaking all around

I’ll be standing

Nothing much to prove

Living or dying

Lately I’m immune


(Punk Rock Ambient Disco section)

We could capsize into the night

We can capsize into the night

We could capsize into the night


Distilling your dubious truth

I won’t listen right now

No need to doubt what you’ve had in mind

Making your way based on a failed decree

Why can’t we just leave it all behind?


To the Crawl

One if by blood

Two if by greed

Separate to justify


Camera’s eye 

The light you shine upon your world

Far away

Are the lands

Where one’s not left to die

There’s one

One for every day

Cast away 

And picket out your lives


With nothing left to say

There’s something in the way

Speaking with our bones


There’s so much still to find


Pick it up and pull it down

Back and forth until it breaks

Just try to pick it up some how

But you don’t you know you know you know

Pick it up and pull it down

Back and forth until it breaks

Just try to keep if off the ground

But you don’t you know you know you know

Please relieve me


You’re slowing to a crawl

Bound to fall

For failure to provide 

Now and then

And again

We lacerate the lines

In this world that’s ever changing

You cover the bullshit up in fragance


Here no one knows you now

(You inscribe yourself, a perfect place

You’ve crossed the line it’s off your bucket list

But you keep on searching)

It’s indescribable, you’re so impossible

And you allow yourself to be a scratching post 


Bleed out your soul, send it to me

You know want you know you want you know you wanna go



Can’t you tell you make me nervous?

See it clear but it don’t make no sound

Yet we’ve barely scratched the surface

Taking our time on a merry-go-round

So much there

It’s far away from here

I’ve left it all behind

I can stare

To memorize the patterns

The code to be OK


Slow down

Take time to enjoy yourself

Just let the dawn fade in

Got a lot of things today

Don’t let them slip away

Through your hands

You know, you know, you know, you don’t know

I keep sifting this miiiiiind miiind iiind

Much to find

I’ve been blind

This life’s a figment where’s our souvenir? 


You’ve made a mess you’ve found a rhyme

A reason that you can provide

It’s making sense to me

But you can’t take it with you

Here and now is where I stand

Don’t think that I’ll be here again

It’s making sense to me

But you can’t take it with you 

Wish I could take it with me

It’s levitational tonight

Just so sensational tonight


I’m in over

Over my head now for days

Time is nothing

I can’t feel it slip away

I’m in heaven

But I don’t know for how long

Levitate it never keeps you

Pity you can’t take it with you


Fields, Walls and Broken Backs

These things might not seem right

Ideas are candle light

With cities built of sand 

how long can they really last?   

You can’t handle tonight x 2

You don’t know that its right

You can’t handle tonight


Who’s taught the simple way?

Who’s gonna pave for days?

Who’s taught the simple way?

Who thought they caught they shot the world today?

(ahhh ah ah)

You can’t handle tonight x3

You can’t handle to -


Some logic’s paper weight

So much is out of date

Then again who’s to say

We didn’t forget some cosmic mistake


Lord I’ve been so mired in my

Tragicomic life

I wonder what it’d be like

If I just said screw you


If you only knew

(Ahhhh,, ahhhh, ahhhh, ah)


Your set to self instruct

Put it in under glass

You keep coming so temporary

You’re never gonna last



Chorus in a brain trial

Just sings the same refrain

I try to tell them I don’t need a reprieve

It’s just a shot in the dark

(Shot in the dark)


Don’t take no shots a-lightly

This journey’s star-crossed but it’s all I have to give

Our voice is lost in a two-step 

We don’t move


Looks like this ladders bout to fall

Oh no

Seems like I’m climbing up the walls

She says is it worth it at all?

Oh no

I got this feeling I can’t shake


Our shape is not the same again

Defined inside a box

Were falling from the seams 

This loop’s become a knot

(Hope you enjoyed yourself)

There are some things I wouldn’t miss

The daily commute 

A simple address

I’ll just linger in the air 


Looks like this ladders bout to fall

Oh no

Seems like I’m climbing up the walls

The truth is closed at curtain call

Oh no

I got this feeling I can’t shake

I got this feeling I can’t shake


I think it’s time

That we’re dressed to fade away

Lets lick this lie

Things won’t ever be the same

Our tangos tangle confusion

We can’t lose


Fever Trigger vs. Cloud 9

Where our tension’s found

Is bound to raise some brows

You left a phantom at the wheel

Open up the gates 

To let us drown

Something to reveal

But it’s locked behind 

Sealed within our minds



The shadows gone

It never was

While your life is lost 

Some one else is found


There’s no lie 

Life’s your traffic jam

The kind that your gonna kill yourself in

And it’s all right 

All are lives are stuck in


Better than a can of fudge 

Caught up in a catastrophic gaze

Fever from a sugar rush

You know your gonna try it

Try it






You can knock down this door

It’s the devil’s den 

So make yourself at home

There’s no illusion of wrong

Light can’t begin

When the sun sets in

Time is taking its toll

It’s a perfect wash

So time don’t control


(Two riff phrases, then lyrics)

I’ve been living by shooting my mouth off

Can’t see right with backwards retina

Yeah I don’t hear about anyone anywhere

In my empty streams


Lately I’ve been trying

To broaden this here periscope

It’s not enough to go crazy on you

Say I talk too much

You need lover’s touch 

But who’s gonna raise the dead

When all life is gone

Nothing to behold?

So come on baby doll

Tell me what’s worst of all?

Do you really care enough to lose it all?



(Can’t see right with backwards retina)

I’ve been sipping on everything everywhere

Change your ways? but that’s anathema

Yeah, I’ve been living by shooting my mouth off

You know you can’t see right with a backwards retina

And I don’t hear about anyone anyway

We’re lost like some forgotten holiday

Only the ghost of a fall


Oooo, put your past down

What you pass down

For a little bit

Ooo, what you pass down

Put your past down

Live and don’t regret

Put your past down

Put your past down


What Was Once So Sancrosanct

Oooooo ooo ooo oo


The blood we’ve shed’s been cauterized

it never made much sense at all

Existence, smaller than a sunspot

Who wants to buy the moon?

You tell yourself

I cannot help myself

Try to

Pass on thru

Your waiting for momentum

It only takes so long


(Oooooo ooo ooo oo)

Through the blindness you still see

I long for a return

And though the silence is painful

My soul forever yearns

Things I said I wouldn’t do

Have become a suggestion

And all these endless nights

Have left a permanent impression


Inside Revolt

You’re heaven-sent without me

I’m feeling obsolete

The loneliness of winter

It’s the company you keep

Yet I will cry for no one

I’m laughing in my sleep

I ‘ll cry for something better

That still seems out of reach


Ooooooo oooo ooo



Inside revolt

This scene’s too grey

Inside revolt

I want to get away

In your eyes, it’s nothing

Go back home


Do you remember dying in the sun drinking wine?

We met disaster, we do it all the time

It’s a notion that you’d maybe care some

A motivation losing all my patience

Don’t know why we gotta live this way

Always on the brink of yesterday

Some things are better left blinded in the dust

But when we go wrong what you think you’ll really trust?

It ain’t a scripture, it ain’t a tablet

It’s a passion that’s never out of fashion 

It’s amazing, the things that never change    




A simple statement

Free of manipulation

An invitation

To some recreation

I’m stuck in my head

Some infatuation

There’s no equation

For every situation


They say the personal is political

Some take it literal

Till they forget who they are

This life is physical

Our needs are spiritual

I got a plan in my pocket 

Gonna make it thru today

Won’t fade away, won’t fade away


A meditation

For some inspiration

An invitation to some recreation

A levitation

From administration

There’s no equation

For every situation


Laughing at Creation

I’m just driving along

Don’t mind me cause

I’ll just drive on the dark side of the road

Flashing your brights in my eyes

Don’t tell me no

Guess you got it all figured out

(For your good book tells ya so)


Had enough

There’s a shortage yet there’s too much stuff

Boxes full of nothing at all

In the storage room of our minds

We’re a clutter case

I’m on my way to space



Space-time is true and fun

Make some cosmic lemonade

With intention

That’s bound to spill

Woooo ooo


In Suspension

In and out of grace today

Unbreak this broken day

Absent of the path you chose

Negate until you break

Cutting through the static age

Embrace this mode of change



We don’t float when we don’t fall

Take your loss for what you won

The purest hearts don’t beat as one


Instrumental, then heavy chorus


And you’ll know when it’s right

And you’ll know

When it’s wrong


Keep it off the ground

Pick it up some how

Just keep it off the ground

Turn it upside down

Just keep it off the ground

And you’ll know when it’s right

When it’s wrong



I’m in hell

Just as well

At least it’s real 

This is the not the place

Where all your dreams

Go to die

It’s just a roundabout 

Thrown upon your way

Chased down every hole

To pay the life you make

More than meets the eye



On a Porch

We go far 

Just another lost soul in this paradigm 

It’s a start

But the end’s not linear 


Aint so hard

When you live your life like a paradox  

Years go by

But the change is chemical

Ride the swarm

To a new oblivion 

And what we can’t do

Is a fallacy 

Cause we were born today

But it ain’t like we cant learn from yesterday 

(Yeah we were born today)

but tomorrow it will be another way


I’m on a porch 

counting cash sipping lemonade 

tender ways 

circumvent our apathy

its in our minds

this life don’t have to be a tragedy 

set the stage 

tonight’s the rhapsody


All Day (Wonky Day)

Sipping through some cellophane

(The sacred and profane)

Libations for my tired soul

(Sensations void of control)

People don’t even know

(This phone is off the hook)

Where the wing’s gonna go

(Swimming in dial tone)

When I’m breaking out my box

I ain’t worth my socks

These arms are built for fucking back flips

All day aye every day aye aye aye every day aye every day aye


These beams are starting to glow

(This city’s out of control)

There’s chaos in the lines

(We finally broke the mold)

I cast a spell for you

(Reaches across the stars)

Written in blood and gold

(Gotta get down gotta get down)


All day aye every day aye aye aye every day aye every day aye


Hey now

I’m seeing double and I’m way down

I took a couple and there

Ain’t no party like a Mila Kunis party

Cause a Mila Kunis party don’t stop


Our boundaries are bound to break

A liquid of certain fate

A venom that’s insatiable 

Our minds are bound to fools

What if I shed my skin?

I’ll just do that again

Saying what you’d do if you were here right now

But guess what motherfucker I’m here right now


These beams are starting to glow

(This city’s out of control)

There’s chaos in the lines

(We finally broke the mold)

I cast a spell for you

(Reaches across the stars)

Gotta get down gotta get down


All day aye every day aye aye aye every day aye every day aye


end faq



Fall Into the Sun

I want to play

Where the good things are

Until I realize they’re 

Spread to far

Stuck in a rut

Everywhere at once

Treading forward 

To nowhere at all


Are you on my level

Are you heavy mental?

Are you on a sailing train


Is there any difference

Maybe there’s a slight chance

That we’re onto something new?


And I saw you

Dying to be a child

All the way down

We Fall into the sun


Lonely as I am 

My thoughts ain’t dead and broken

Feeling as I feel

I won’t be softly spoken

This a calling

I am expanding, sprawling

Dawn of the dusk of

Regressive situations


Every day is special

Especially special

And you know it’s 

Just like you


You know you can do this

Or will you just screw this

Up, well at least you tried


And I saw you

Dying to be a child

All the way down

We Fall into the sun


Didn't Come Home Last Night

I don’t care if I sing in key

That’s how much you mean to me

I don’t mind the waste of time

But I won’t forever be this blind

Party didn’t come home last night

She was spinning out but it’s allright


Drained with no philosophy

This thing we have will cease to be

Burnout you still hold my mind

Crush this feeling press rewind

Party didn’t come home last night

She was spinning out but it’s allright


Its allright, it’s allright, it’s allright


I will wait for you forever

Or at least until I get bored


Can you show me the door 

To the house of whores?

You slam it in my face 




Dead Radio

I know there’s nothing I can say

To make it go back to the way

It never was, and will never be

Still there’s a hope within my mind

Your patience is running out of time

Nobody else can give you what I have

Absolutely nothing



I never really had a chance (to make it)

I never really had a chance

I’m listening to a dead radio x3

Yeah, you killed my stereo

You turned my heart too loud


This sentence troubles me the most

We’re doomed to never be the toast

Of everyone that is in our lives

Maybe we’re better as we are

Your arms are folded in my car

We’re on the same page in a different book

And no one’s gonna read ‘em




Try to Turn This Off

Has it come to this?

I do believe it has

Slip yourself into my heart now

The present and the past

I got a story for you

Tell me, what’s your name?

Should I tell it to you

Or just nod and play the game?



Try to turn this off

I dare you

Baby we got time

We are animal

And you’re my love

I’m sincerely yours tonight


There’s no law against

Being an idiot

And that’s how feel

When you’re in my eyes

Just gotta get you alone

It’s harder than it seems

We’re with our circle of friends

I just wanna scream




Armor of Jest

I’m sick of the dogs

Barking at nothing

Although I relate

I’m a clog in the blogs

When I’m slashin’ the hype wheels

Turning to a dead end street

Or is it because

It’s not about me yet?

But they’ll see yet

The armor of jest 

It protects me

When I need it

It’s all of the time

Especially these days

These days…


I’ve got non-descript rage

Against an indeterminate


And I know what I’m gonna do

But there’s no sense in telling you


Surrounding myself

With anyone open

Sometimes they only seem that way

Tell me your swipes

Are only joking

But I know you better than that

You aren’t release

You are attack girl

I’m barking up the wrong remedy tree

Because It starts with me


It starts with love

From me to me

If I can make you laugh

Will you set me free?

An unconditional love

I can’t give me

If I can make you laugh

Will you set me free?


How you gonna say

Everything’s OK

With a frown across your face?

You can’t convince yourself

Take it out on me

Defenseless as can be

Except for what I’ve learned 

From tragic comedy


The chuckle boils

Inside your mind


Don't Wake Up

Told her I was feeling lost 

But yet I didn’t know why

She said “no need to feel that way, just look into my eyes.”

And I did, but not for long, 

because we closed them very swift: 

for I knew that all this meant was that we had to share a kiss. 


And we did and I never felt more right.

Until I woke up in my room, wings cut from all the flight


Wait up, wait up, wait up

Please don’t wake me from this dream

Wait up, wait up, wait up

I’ll just try to go back to sleep

Wait up, wait up, wait up

Please don’t wake me from this dream

Catching the tides we used to ride

I’ll just try to go back to sleep


Remember how we used to

Play in a disco band?

Told you how we used to cry

And dance across the sand?

You said I was familiar

Like any other day

You didn’t seem to recall our love

But you liked it anyway

I said “that’s fine with me girl

Let’s get you out of the rain”

But the rain stopped when the dawn came

And you no longer me

The first thing that you ever learn

Is that life is but a dream

You can’t always have decisions

When nothing’s what it seems


I can’t even tell what’s real anymore

The sleeping’s the pattern, the living’s the bore




So don’t wake up from this dream

Don’t wake up 

From this dreeeeeeam


LOL in the Conversation

Look inside

There’s a dullness

Look around

Ensnared in the sound

Had a dream

Try to write it down

Say your prayers

Or just forget it all



Sleeping in the bright

I’m cooling down

Everything is fine

But what am I?

Try to slip away

As comfort wanes


I’m gone (WOOOO ooo)

I know it’s wrong


Mindless shells

Wander around town

And I’m one

But I’ve seen my skin

My defense

Is a shotgun shell

Split the air

It’s a cleansing spell


Chasing out the lights

I’m guessing how

Gotta make a stand

If not then, now

Staring at the wall

My mind projects

Foaming at the mouth

Is too much work


I’m gone (WOOO oooo)

It’s been too long




Vacant Fixture

Smoke a cigarette

Take a picture

Stare at ourselves in the mirror

Circular thought

Is such a vacant fixture

Stay up all night with the hipster tripster

Having lots of fun in Paris, Arizona

Miles away from Target, Minnesota

Resentment tastes good with sandwiches and soda

Running somewhere then you don’t know why you showed up



I might have said something honest last night

But I honestly I can’t remember

So many people, so many people

You don’t know

And you won’t know


Hook yourself to the pixel scripture

Feeling online with a simple liquor

Signing up for things you probably shouldn’t 

Only do it now cause normally you wouldn’t

Who is it for?

The senses you’re denying

Who’s eroded frame do you think you’re buying?

Constantly trying to take a perfect picture

Stay up all night with the hipster tripster




Teen Atheist Dreamboat

He’s on the cover of Tiger Heat

All the ladies think he’s sweet

Girls want to get with him

And the guys are just confused

I think I see him all dressed in black

With Party City fangs he’s waiting to attack

He’s as American as apple pie

And bungee jumping too



Teen Atheist Dreamboat USA

(He don’t believe in God)

(Strikes me as kind of odd)


His name is danger, don’t get it confused

He’s got a chef to always make him food

He’s tough as nails, he’ll beat up your mom

He’s got the finest china, and his blow is the bomb

He’s fundamentally loathsome

But he’s so cool he’s never lonesome

I wanna be like him

You wanna be like shim

You wanna be a star-ar-ar!!!




He’s gonna be a star 

He’s gonna be a star

He’s gonna be just like you are

He’s gonna be a star

He’s gonna be a star

He is the everyman

He’s gonna be in your house

Taking pictures and fucking your mouth

Because he is a Satanist and he rolls like that

But he’s not a Satanist because that doesn’t make any sense

He’s not a Satanist it don’t make any sense

He’s not a Satanist that don’t make any sense

Because he don’t believe in God

He don’t Believe in God




Where the Gnashing Teeth Glow

Play, only feel the hide

Kandi Clubbers waiting to dive

Inspire touch

Sink to swim

Am I above it or falling in?



I spy with my little eye

Recipe for me to die

Just enough

The way I do

How could you ask me to 




Where the teeth glow

Where the teeth glow

I want nothing more than to rip your soul apart

Where the teeth glow

Where the teeth glow

Just like good ‘ole Napoleon Bonaparte

Where the teeth glow

Where the teeth glow

In the place where nothing could be any better

Where the teeth glow 

Where the teeth glow

And we gnash until we crash, you know the reason


Where the teeth glow 

Where the teeth glow

My heart is beating, breaking like a kick drum

Where the teeth glow 

Where the teeth glow

Swaying phantom feet on purpose accidently

Where the teeth glow 

Where the teeth glow

Though the cost is lost it spares no true expenses

Where the teeth glow 

Where the teeth glow

If the price is life than I don’t want to pay

But I’m tempted to play


Feel yourself only to

conceal yourself from what is true

Kill yourself or your reveal yourself

You’ve sunk anyway


Cut the Lines

See the cobwebs

See the cobwebs shake

Spiders just wanna kick it

Face your fears now

See the cartel flee

Taking off with the surplus

Take the time to

Realign in tune 

Get it all back to you


See how they run

See how they fly

You’ve severed ties

Now cut the lines


And let it die

Someday you will find

It’ll fall in shape

In time

You will see 

Design fate


Brinked out to explode

Currents overload

Currency is nullified

Cut off all supply

How will you get high?

That’s your problem

Not mine

I won’t shed one tear

Far away from here




See how they run

Your will is done

Possess your soul

Connect the whole


And let it go


You will find

The shape of your voice


Your own mind

Divine space


end faq


Now You're All Fucked

Seek and Hide

Feeling, knowing

There is nothing here

I’ve been wishing for a mission

Where you might appear

Can’t take the meeting, or the greeting

Sisyphus at words

Laughter masking

The burning of my blood


And still…



I keep myself locked up inside

On a planet where we seek and hide

It’s true I’m taken far away

But I really think it’s a better place


Wondering, watching

Standing at the gates

Of the future parties

Where you might await

You’ll be in my eyes, softly

Singing in my head

Beauty ringing

Clinging to my bed


And still…





Well I went to your schools

Went to a bit of church

Yeah I watched your TV

Bought all the shit you said I need

And I listened to you

When you said act your age

I know I’m being so bad

Believe I tried to behave


So give me money

Give me money

They say I have many gifts

But few of them get bought

And I’m all on the run

Lord knows I hope I don’t get caught

For illegal things

That I’m forced to do

Cause they went change the laws

For peace loving folks like me and you


So give me money

Give me money


I Want Your Problems

You’re so bold

The way that you just sit and shrug

Tell no lies

Except you say you know just how I feel

Cause you can’t choose

Which pretty thing to take you home

Feel no pain

Don’t tell me we’re in the same boat


You bought yourself from friends

But you don’t know if they still love you

Tell you of my trials

They’re real but they just float above you

Don’t tell me that

Your sympathy

Could ever be

Enough to make me not want your problems


Your small heart

The size depends on the day’s course


The things you think that you deserve

Cause you can’t choose

Which pretty thing to take you home

Dry your eyes

You’re trivializing everything


You slither through the cracks

It makes me wanna stay so sober

I wanna fuck around

But you just wanna fuck me over

You say you hurt

It’s all the same

Yet still I think

I’d be better off if I had your problems


I want your problems

Your happy shiny problems

Don’t even need to solve them

Won’t you take mine too?


Can't Think

The world is not designed

To do what we please 

Or maybe it was and we sucked it dry 

Like a parasite

So now here we stand

On shattered ground

I wanna take a megaphone and complain

But I can’t make a sound

And when you look at me

There’s no sympathy

No I don’t deserve it but it’s what I want

As you pass me by

But yet the fire’s gone

My will to try

Yeah I tried before and losing

It made me wanna cry



Nothing to do no way to get through this

Further away and I know I can’t do this

Nothing to do, no way to break through

It gets harder everyday

I can’t think of what to say


I love to spit out lies

No compromise

Must’ve told ‘em all a million times

But no one calls me out

Because you’ve heard the truth

It’s easy to get

So come and talk to me if you’re up to game

I’ll keep you on your toes




Don’t you know 

If you go

I’ll have no one else to blame

Don’t you know

If I’m alone

I gotta find another game to play

If you leave me

Please believe me

You and I won’t ever see me

If you leave me

Please believe me

I won’t even want to be me


So don’t you go, don’t you go

Don’t you go




Love Appears

The summer comes and goes and I

I’m aging like the cheapest wine

Far away from all abuses

Trying to run against time

I’m too slow for it

Because I can’t get fit

The rising tide is gonna take us out

It came from inbetween

The cracks of everything

It’s gonna show me what it’s all about



I know why you fell in love

It’s only cause you hate my guts

Came on strong

We both went wrong

Love appears where love is gone

Where love is gone

Yeah love is gone


Softer now my clouded brain

With a cyclical and hazy rain

There’s a thirst that no one can see

Cause it’s getting drowned by apathy

I see ahead of me

There is a remedy

It is the nectar of the sweetest lie

Hope I don’t spill the cup

If I can fill it up

I’m gonna drink till I’m satisfied




Another season, another sunrise

It’s a reason

To open your eyes

It didn’t matter

But we still matter

The thing with matter is

Matter can’t be shattered


Devil In Your World

You try to pin me down

Or mow me out of town

Tell me I’m just here to take your precious time

Oh boy

But I would never do a thing like that

And I could say the same

Of you and your game

Wasting all your kisses

When you know you don’t

Want me

You treat me like the devil in your world


And who knows what she did after

No one really can say

Cause devils like her are baffling

In everything and every way


What I Saw

Another day

In outer space

Is always waiting

I see the stars

They’re singing songs

With a light inviting

But your straining whispers

Are sinking through

To the sweet frequency of the night

And you crash my party

You pretty thing

I pity roses that never grow


Well I saw, what I saw, what I saw

It was a world that you couldn’t see

Well I saw, what I saw, when I saw it

It was a love that sprang so free

And it was the end of you and me


The only time

That I know home

Is when it’s on me

The apple of my happening

Was too far out for you

So you snatch my shoulder

Your sharpest gaze

Is piercing my eyes

Can you stop your screaming

Silent treatment?

You’re gonna hurt yourself


Well I saw, what I saw, what I saw

It was a world that you couldn’t see

Well I saw, what I saw, when I saw it

It was a love that sprang so free

And it was the end of you and me




Well I saw, what I saw, what I saw

It was a world that you couldn’t see

It was a world that you can’t see

It was a world that you couldn’t see

It was a world that you couldn’t see


end faq