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    New website coming soon for! Stay tuned!
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    Everyone is back together for a sick band practice!! #nojetleft #njl #mesaboogie #dwdrums #fender #warmothguitars #line6
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    2 Today marks the debut of the official release of the 2013 album "Keep It Off The Ground." Three years ago, we leaked the album for free on our website, with no artwork and little promotion. We "brown bagged" it; we just wanted you to hear all the songs we had put our hearts and souls into as soon as possible. Starting today, you can download all the songs in high quality formats instantly, with bonus live tracks with our current stellar lineup that includes Jordan Myers, Heather Cerlan, and Mario Di Leva, and stellar album artwork from Heather herself! It even includes an unreleased song called "The Reaction" along with two other "Ground" fan favorites, "Immune" and "Retina." All of these live tracks, from the world famous TROUBADOUR in Hollywood. You get 16 songs, over an hour of music for just 12 dollars. Please download and support! We love you!
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    New toys in the studio! #bigknob #moremonitors #njl
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    Feel the rhythm. Feel the beat! #NJL #SPTN #badumtss
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    Even though it's Sunday, sometimes you still got to go H.A.M #nojetleft #njl #sptn #thereaction
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    @insectsvsrobots killed it Thursday night at the Troubadour! #lamusic #insectsvsrobots #greatnight
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    Thanks to everyone who made it out to our show at the Federal bar on Saturday!! Special Thanks to @adesmond1 for smashing it on the keyboard! #NJL #nojetleft #betterwithkeys


No Jet Left

Equal parts shoegaze, doom rock, retro pop, alternative, avant-tronica, rnb, classic punk, prog and psych-rock, post punk and post rock, and even a hint of acid jazz and noise, This is story of how a young artist got together with a group of music nerds and rewrote history in their image. Their debut full length. Whippersnapper (2011) is available at, and "Keep It Off The Ground" is available free with suggested donation 10 dollars at
No Jet Left
No Jet Left is at Bernie Grundman Mastering Studios.2 weeks ago
At the infamous Bernie Grundman Studios mastering the next EP!

Stay tuned!!
No Jet Left
No Jet Left4 weeks ago
Tracking and mixing for our new EP "Set Phase to Now" was a blast! And getting ready to master at last! Props to producer Drew Kapner at Angelhouse Studios for pushing us to be our very best.
Pictured: Mario locks into the groove with Heather for live rhythm section tracking. Nothing beats the sound of musicians listening to each other!